Real power

Real power

It is “easy” to tear yourself down..
Yet it requires dedication, discipline, and courage to build and lift yourself up.

The effort and alchemy that is needed to break through and believe beyond the programs and distortions projected into the subconscious of society— is a true skill.

And yet, it is also your most natural ability and state of operation, to know the truth beyond the illusion. What you came to remember.

To trust the unseen spoken essence of your soul, follow the signs and synchronicities of the universe’s songs, admire the beauty in all, and choose to be confident, compassionate, and caring towards yourself and others— rather than get lost in the illusion of separation and disempowerment.
It is the greatest initiation, remedy, and contribution you can offer, and experience.

An essential step and level to proceeding along the path of Ascension, is to learn to love yourself and others unconditionally. Thus properly utilizing your energy to be of benefit, to heal and harmonize all.

The skill of the Master;
Is to love Self and other, as the same.
We do so—
And with this, we witness the change.

And so it is✨
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