As long as you stay connected to your heart,
you will always head the right direction

As long as you honor the position of your part,
You will always remain in connection.

There are no wrong turns—
only necessary new ways

Never a mistake—
only miracles aligning to be made.

Not only does all have a purpose,
But it is required in honor of evolution

So rather than getting lost in the circus,
You come to your own conclusions.

As you learn, grow and transcend
New realities are accessed, and old ones end

Along the way— strangers turn into friends
Your ability to love, duplicates and extends

Hearts heal and wounds mend,
Expired patterns and old cycles end

Clarity becomes telepathy, so we don’t have to comprehend
Our truth becomes solid, as our perception of it bends.

Paired with emotions; high, neutral, and low—
The journey always reveals, more of what you already know

It is an acceptance, an allowance, an accessing and remembrance—
You embody who you truly are, as you embrace the mystery and trust your next entrance.

Welcome and Congratulations
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