Abundance & Prosperity

Abundance & Prosperity

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Abundance is a frequency in which we all have access to. As conduits of energy, frequency and consciousness— we see abundance as a layer of reality in which we can at any moment tap into. With this, we access an abundance of money, tools, resources, love, connections, miracles, alignments, opportunities, health, laughter, and whatever else you are calling in.

When you are attuned to the abundance frequency— you recognize the fact that you are the creator, amplifier, and instructor of what manifests and is available to you.

This meditation is attuned at 777Hz and 528Hz and is a guided meditation that leads you to the golden sea of abundance in which you bathe, baptize and nourish from, and is also layered with subliminal positive abundance affirmations. The video included is also a specific abundance frequency visual activation and is a powerful trance meditation to watch while you listen.

The Abundance and Prosperity Meditation is specifically created to calm and harmonize your nervous system so you can fully relax, and allow for your inner abundance belief systems to rewire and rewrite to benefit and assist you. With this, positive affirmations of abundance and prosperity are then planted as seeds into your subconscious, for you to naturally remember and grow into as you go about your life.

The abundance frequency is about accepting and allowing abundance— and then it truly, just comes. 

May we continue to become even more abundant and prosperous! And so it is.

*This meditation comes with two files, an audio file and a visual sober-psychedelic activation video and audio to watch and upgrade to. Both files can be downloaded straight to your phone and/or computer and tablet. You are sent an email with both files, and can always access your purchases straight on this website in the "MY MEDITATIONS" tab when you sign in using you email and password, it appears. As well as on your account via "teachable" or the "Activation Academy" if you are a part of either of those.

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