Retrain Your Brain- Positive Thoughts Meditation

Retrain Your Brain- Positive Thoughts Meditation

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Retrain Your Brain 

to function at a higher frequency

This Meditation was specifically designed to reprogram the brain through the conscious and subconscious operating systems- pairing unique encoded vocal frequencies and sound that help to reorganize and recalibrate One to functioning within their most aligned formula.
The duration of this piece is 22 minutes, and can be played at any time of day, however often you desire. 
With this meditation, many of the effects include;
-Feeling more ease, calmer and content within the mind
-More efficiency in solving problems 
-Seeing the “bright side” and divinity in all that occurs
-Clearer knowing, intuition and trust
-Naturally being attracted towards more positive and uplifting things
-Considering all aspects of reality when making decisions
-Awakening divine dormant DNA that carries personal purpose
-Epiphanies, ideas, inventions, creative inspirations,
-Rebuilding and regrowing new brain cells that are in harmony with all aspects of Self
-Innerstanding the truth of All, beyond the illusion
-Dreams becoming more potent and pure
-Divine guidance and messages coming through more easily, 
and much more
If you’re ready to Upgrade and any resonance has sparked-
This is for you.


ACCESS: This meditation is downloadable as an audio file upon purchase (you will be sent an email) and it can also be downloaded and listened to straight on and from this website using your login details.

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