Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts

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Reprogram Your Mind for Higher Consciousness: A Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is specifically crafted to aid you in elevating your conscious frequency and balancing your subconscious mind towards positive functioning. The process involves the use of unique vocal frequencies and sound encodings to reorganize and recalibrate your mind towards an aligned state of operation.

By consistently practicing this meditation, you will experience an inner shift towards more ease, calm, and contentment within your thoughts. You will also notice improved problem-solving abilities, an enhanced appreciation for beauty, clearer intuition and trust, and an increased attraction towards positivity and uplifting experiences.

This meditation is 22 minutes in length, designed to deeply entrain and rearrange your mind for optimal results. We invite you to embrace this transformative journey and allow yourself to truly believe in your potential for positive change.

*You can listen to it when signing in on via the website (Just sign in with your username and password, and go to the "My meditations" and "My Courses" tabs. If you have any questions please email ActivationVibrationsHelp@gmail.com


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