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Holistic Heather



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Beautiful Magical Being!

It is with great honor, gratitude, and excitement that I express and share what I do, with you, with God, the universe, galaxy, and the collective. It is derived from the purest place within me, that desires ultimate harmony, health, love and prosperity for YOU and for all, plus a genuine enjoyment😍

I deeply enjoy sharing an abundance of activating information, guidance, and insight on all of my channels and platforms, and will continue to! If any of my creations and content have helped to remind you of who you are, lead you towards your purpose path, connected you to your cosmic higher self and other divine aspects of creation, I am so grateful!

I have created this section for those who feel called to support me by donating a form of monetary energy in exchange for the forms of energy I have offered and gifted- and to those who do so, THANK YOU!!

Thank you for your presence, thank you for your help, thank you for your support, and thank you for being apart of this journey!!!


Miracles and Blessings~ Returned to you in Abundance

*p.s I send you blessings after so be open to receiving miracles in return!!

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