Grounding and Integrating- Earth Meditation

Grounding and Integrating- Earth Meditation

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Stabilize Your Frequency and Embodiment on Earth

A Guided Meditation, channeled and designed to connect you to your own stable frequency, The collective Light Grid of Harmony, and the divine resonance of Earth.


This meditation takes you on a higher realm journey, and is deeply encoded with 432Hz to specifically ease, harmonize and align your personal vibration, and make you feel good- instantly.

It is greatly beneficial if you are looking to ground more into your body, connect and clarify your alignment to the bliss frequency and higher 5D reality of Earth, and integrate more of your conscious cosmic self into your physical being.

*Ideal for Starseeds*

For best results; listen to this meditation transmission multiple times a week and even multiple times a day- as it can be tuned into from any state of being. Perhaps try playing this when you rise in the morning, before you go to sleep while driving, getting ready to leave your house, meditating, and anytime you are calling in good feelings.

You can expect an increase in general well being, a sense of inner knowing and trust, a greater vision of purpose and your personal mission, an increase in energy and vitality, and a balance of vibrational experience on Earth, from listening to and receiving this transmission.

ACCESS: This meditation is downloadable as an audio file upon purchase (you will be sent an email) and it can also be downloaded and listened to straight on and from this website using your login details. You also have infinite access to all your meditations, here on this website. Just sign in with your username and password, and go to the "My meditations" and "My Courses" tabs.

Infinite Blessings to You, Magical Being!

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