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Activation Vibration

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Root Chakra Twerk Class

Root Chakra Twerk Class

April 28, 2024 at 1pm PST

Get ready to feel the rhythm pulsating through your veins as you connect with the primal energy of your root chakra and your own dancing powers. It's time to ignite your passion, embrace your body, and dance into a new realm of self-expression.

Learn how to dance from your soul - in a way that accentuates the beauty of your body, awakens your magic, ignites your confidence and godly essence, and gets everyone feeling good and grooving from just the sight of you!

This is it.

Activate your life force energy in a fun and energizing experience that you can repeat daily on your own (you'll want to) - with a booty shakin’ and soul-awakening root chakra practice and routine lead by Heather, Activation Vibration❤️

Welcome to the Root Chakra Twerk Class, where we merge the power of movement with the true unique essence of your being. It is time to unlock your life force energy and tap into the depths of your authentic self through your BODY.

*Class is recorded and sent to you after. The dance practice is designed for you to repeat daily!

We all hold a sacred energy at the base of our chakra system— the root of our being. (Our hips, booty, genitals and womb/hara)

When we intentionally awaken, move, enliven, and activate this area— we not only balance our nervous system and entire physical body, but we also unlock our own stability, clarity, creativity, and abundance.

If you’ve been feeling creatively, physically, or energetically stuck at all, it may very literally be that you need to shake your booty, and open up your body!

So join us, on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the art of dance and twerking. Heather's unique approach not only cultivates a sense of vitality in your body but also celebrates and accentuates your individuality, allowing you to dance authentically from the core of your soul.

Our Kundalini energy is also located at the base of our root system— so you can often and easily have spiritual experiences when you sacred twerk.

It's time to awaken your soul fully into your body.

This art of dance, for release and healing has been known and utilized by wise indigenous ancients— for lifetimes. Reconnecting to your innate power and claiming your life force energy helps you to direct it properly, and also unites you with your own ancient forces of wisdom.

It’s time to soul twerk, fam.

April 28, 2024 at 1pm PST

See you there!!

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