Chakras~ Our Energy Centers

Chakras~ Our Energy Centers

Chakras are the main energy centers in our bodies, that correlate with their own specific areas.

Each chakra is accustomed to an individual energy and space on the body, yet together- they connect the entire being.

Chakras influence everything in a being from body ailments, the connection with life and with Self, the ability to communicate on multiple levels, the relationship between Self and all, the energy one emits and absorbs, and the ability to align with our soul’s purpose.

Emotions, environments, activities and other people’s energy have an impact on the state and functionality of your chakras. 

All sensory perceptions are connected to our Chakras.

It’s important to rebalance yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, as to not inflict unnecessary suffering on the body that can eventually manifest as disease.

When we have a physical issue, it creates weaknesses in our emotional behavior.

When we release the stagnant energy, it releases emotional and physical stagnation.

If One’s chakras are unbalanced, one may experience feelings of unhappiness, depression, the lack of ability to absorb nutrients, lack of vital energy, and expression of disease- that would not have expressed itself had the luminous energy field been maintained.

Any mysterious headaches, body aches, emotional mood swings, and internal ailments and miscalculations really aren’t that mysterious.. there is always a root cause to every imbalance.

Spirit informs the soul, soul informs the mind, the mind informs the body.

They are all directly connected.

Each domain has its own language.

The language of the body is physical, chemical, cellular. The language of the mind is expressed through words. The language of the soul sees in images, and the language of the spirit is energy.

It’s best to deal with occurrences in the level of the soul, the energetic level- where one can clear the imprint and luminous energy field, before it has the ability to organize as anything physically- which in turn effects the entire chakra system and permeates the being.

You have been given the responsibility of a body, a mind, a soul, and a journey. Your mission is to act in accordance with the Highest version of yourself. 🌈


You can strengthen your chakras in many different ways. Chakra centers are connected and activated by certain colors. One can activate and encourage chakra function by eating foods of the specific color, surrounding yourself in accordance with the colors via clothes, home decor, bedding etc. This may sound a bit extreme, but we really ARE that sensitive to our environment, the things we ingest (which creates our physical being) and even the colors we sleep in. The music we listen to- certain hertz frequencies and binaural beats sing to each individual chakra. 

Even what we think effects our chakras. Since our emotions are a connected entity that exists within us, saying positive affirmations in correlation with your chakras can help to revive and energize them.

Love and Blessings~



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