LIGHTBODY Transitions

LIGHTBODY Transitions

The Light Body is not created, 

it is revealed.

Layers shed and peel off

in order to be healed.

Projections and conditioning

dissolving like cubes of ice

the liquid starts repositioning

anchoring in the Christ


We must forgive ourselves for not being in “alignment” for any period of time.

It’s ok to fall into “funks” of not feeling your best- spells of emptiness where your favorite emotions disappear,

and the lesser desired emotions surface, ripe with substance.

Feeling like you lost or misplaced your creativity, happiness, energy, or motivation.

These times ~ are our greatest lessons;

where we become our own teachers to the eternal student within us. 

As we shift into a new skin,

Our definitions of e-motions are shifting to a higher octave. 

Clearing and releasing the density and stagnation that kept parts of ourselves dormant. 

It is fully necessary to fall out of previous alignment- so that you can adjust into NEW alignment. 

Fit for the you that is BEcoming. 

It looks different, feels different, and manifests differently than your previous state of personal proclaimed perfection. 

The times ahead; call for new arrangements,

new tools,

greater depth and capacity.

We are rebuilding and recalibrating our individual vehicles

Crystalline structures of light⚡️

an infinite body and auric grid that stretches beyond dimensions

Welcome to your light body


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