Check up on your heart

Check up on your heart
How is your heart?
With the recent energetic surges and astrological shifts— you may have felt your heart open more recently, and a healing taking place in order for your heart to expand and strengthen.
A new capacity to love may be coming online for you, clarity as to what your heart truly desires and what nourishes you, an acceptance and intimate union with the love of your own self— and a deeper ability to fully love; without condition or control over its result or response.
It’s been potent, and will divinely continue to be.
As this occurs, we simultaneously become more physically, mentally, and spiritually intelligent— as all realms are connected.
Confirming the casual truth and yet vital importance of Evolution and Awakening occurring through simply; loving.
So, how is your heart feeling?
Share in the comments if you feel called— as we are all connected to a collective field of heart intelligence, and through it we communicate and heal together; even if we feel alone.
Sending love to your heart💖✨

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