What makes a Goddess?

What makes a Goddess?
The Goddess— did not become a Goddess by being prim, proper, flawless and perfect..
She is not defined by her modesty, her manners, nor does she care to be perceived by others as “decent, appropriate or tasteful.”
She drips with the deliciousness of her own succulence, and doesn’t care where the drizzle trickles.
She’s overflowing, and knows that wherever her essence spills and flows— it’s meant to go.
She doesn’t accept indoctrination, and won’t give way to the mass manipulation even if it has her appearing insane or unruly.
She is her own authority.
Superficial supremacy repulses her— and initiates just the right resistance to fuel her innate design for further rebellion.
What makes a goddess, a Goddess—
is her ability to own who the fuck she is.
She claims and creates, all parts of herself.
Unapologetic, unashamed, and authentic in her expression.
Her confidence comes from God.
She takes responsibility of her purpose by rising without fear to meet whatever comes to greet her, and honors her own existence; as a gift.
She rocks her flaws as a part of her perfection, and does not shy away from bellowing the boldness of her heart— for all to bear witness.
She owns it, she knows it.
She is it. Exquisite.
That, is what makes a goddess,
a Goddess.

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