FASTING- Rewrite Your Health

FASTING- Rewrite Your Health

Fasting is a powerful process- that allows the body to shift from a state of constantly intaking and distributing- to pausing and processing all that has built up within you.

If you think about it- how many days in your life have you allowed your body to rest from consumption, and simply allow the break down process of all that you have consumed and absorbed- mentally, physically and emotionally? ~Probably not many days, if EVER in your life!
That being said, when we fast- we allow our bodies to shift into a more natural cadence and natural rhythm that is intuitive rather than the result of influence of consumption- reacting based on what you are eating within that moment and have recently ingested. 
I have personally been utilizing a fasting technique for a few years now- and have seen my overall health improve drastically. 
It IS a serious and intense process, so I do not suggest just any one do it- in fact you should work up to fasting, and again this is just my personal experience and tools I utilize that work for me. 
For detailed information- and if you are considering fasting, please watch my FULL Dry Fasting Video- below.
I broke my 3 day water fasting with a celery, cucumber, broccoli and parsley juice, with a tbs of sodium bicarbonate and apple cider vinegar (this protects the kidneys & organs from toxicity when flushing through)

I always love fasting as it is a FULL ON experience. Concreted templates, programs, cravings and desires that I have picked up along the way of my 25 years here as Heather on earth, unhinging from within me and rising to the surface to be acknowledged and released. I had the weirdest cravings this fast- things I have never even enjoyed previously. It was direct confirmation of how much I have picked up from the collective recently and was unconsciously holding. I choose to walk through the fire to get to the other side- rather than being pushed against a wall as it spreads until it encompasses entirely. This fast was mainly to clear parasites and toxic energies that were holding on to me and feeding off of me. I certainly felt them dying off due to lack of food source- as I made an agreement with my body prior to fasting- that this cleanse intention was to purify my physical body in order to anchor in my light body. All aspects listened, and the integration did indeed happen, though it is a process. I heard multiple tuning frequencies, saw deeper auric colors, and the angels would come through with messages often. It’s like I took a vacation in the higher realms. My health was taking a toll due to all the go-go work I have been doing and the imbalance within created the perfect opportunity for me to rest and rejuvenate- and release the growing responsibility for helping and healing others. I also love when I get to that delusional sober high state- when starving or sleep deprived, and the adult filters fall away and I legit start making animal noises and rolling on the floor and talking to myself aloud as a child. I loveeeee this me. The pure me. The ME me. Yes.
Now, completing this cleanse by making it a lifestyle. Going to be fasting 2 times a week for the rest of the calendar year~ I am being guided by my higher self to follow this particular protocol, and so far feeling great

I love the process of fasting. I slip into a space of surrender and acceptance. Redefining needs, releasing desires, defense mechanisms, the craving to “cure,” doing- acting- creating. Instead, I take time to digest. Process all that has occurred and built up from 25 years of directing a physical vessel here on Earth. When choosing to not consume food, I am restricted from utilizing this comfort & convenience to physically ground, so instead I am required to replicate the grounding from my inner soul.
In stillness, many of the underlying processes in which we have become oblivious to due to familiarity and repetition, surface to be acknowledged. I observe when fasting it’s a bit more difficult to immediately access muscles- these compilations of energy and strength in the form of connective flesh. I unwittingly go to move my arms assuming they will respond with force but am paused to realize a more intimate conversation is required. Deeper presence. It’s a major pattern interruption flipping the switch off auto-pilot entirely.
Yes, my daily meditative practice consists of deep connection and awarenesses, but it is quite different when your body is in a state of shedding rather than building. I come into myself more here.
I become so sensitive, I can feel, hear and see the intricacy of everything. My vision is brighter, breaths are deeper, heart is calmer. I am more cuddly and gentle with my own sweet little body. My dreams are angelic and light, the angels greet me in 5D with hugs and kisses and reminders of beauty, where usually I am gifted by presence of cosmic guides who come with information for the mission. I become so delicate like a flower whose petals dance in fall when gently caressed. Not because the flower is weak, but because she is willing to release the workings around her- to reveal her core. The center of her bud, where the blossom stems from. In knowing and trust that in time; *a matter of moments- she will again receive the sunlight and water she deserves, and she will choose to birth new petals once again. Each blossom a more beautiful, strong, profound expression.
I am swaying in my own succulence. What a delicious dive.

For more information and if you are considering a fasting practice of any sort, please watch this FULL video on Fasting~

Many blessings of love and light to you~
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