Recalling Past Lives

Recalling Past Lives

Recalling past lives can help to piece together who you are now- how and why.

This can help one to get to “know” and remember themselves better, and thus calibrate themselves accordingly to their best benefit.
I personally channel past lives in many things I do- when I used to compete in boxing, when I dance, sing, write, etc. I go into further detail in the whole video which is 27 min long, about my personal past life regressions and visions here on earth, in the galaxy, and in the future.

Some shy away from connecting with past versions of themselves, perhaps in fear of darker embodiments of self in the past, afraid it may influence the present- but personally I feel there is nothing to fear. Especially if it is an aspect of self. Ignoring it will do nothing but give it permission to weave it’s way into other areas of our lives and conduct from a place of unconscious. Any darkness is simply just an absence of light- and truly we are all expressions of the same source, so in shining light to these shadows, we can better adjust ourselves with the information acquired- as truly; light is simply just awareness and information.
Plus, I am here on earth to experiment and explore what it is to be a hue-man temporarily taking form on a mass of miracle out in space.

For my personal past life regression experiences and how you can tap into your past lives~ Watch my video below <3


Many blessings of love and light to you~~

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I noticed I only added my first name, in case during moderation, you decided to post that preferring to have more of an identifier.

Anthony Rivieccio

Allow me to start by Thanking you for the articulate and easily understood expression of guiding us through our being. 
During this video I wasn’t expecting to recall particular memories but I did. Don’t know whether the energetics this aspect of Source tends to resonate w which makes us share these two which Im about to say instances we have in common, memories of the village leader and turning into a dolphin during an epoch or is it an epic time of need, ot something else you can clarify. I feel that either universal memories resonating from those beings are so strong to groups of us bc of our particular energy and or that parts or whole of us were with those beings or were those beings. Yes perhaps as children or young adults some of us were able to escape the sinking of Atlantis via Dolfin to reach the surface or to bring us to our new home or something that I don’t recall. But that and the Village warrior leader were both part of a bunch of ancestral or past life memories I’ve retained in this lifetime some of which including those had slipped my mind until now. Thank You so much. Ok so I recalled turning into a Dolphin to head into a new chapter but maybe my spirit just hitched a ride to the surface or something. The village leader was a bit more imprinted. I transitioned as someone who had tried valiantly but failed to protect the women and children. A traumatic memory I also knew would be imprinted onto the collective so as to respond to this urgency to pick up wherever Goodnesses’ efforts are and then some. It was a humiliating shame that I would have to deal with until we change this hierarchy of humans in centralized control over humans for one of collective command fostering an existence in which we each have responsibility to ensure a Peaceful CoExistence for All! 
So perhaps I just only picked up on the urgent imprint of Johia during one of my etheric transitions or something, as it was his intention to affect so many. Or perhaps it was another tribal leader whom I did live. Anyway I have memories of inheriting a throne to a kingdom, I was not strong enough, not Pure enough in Goodness nor ruthlessness to garner a fearful respect from those who wielded a greater command of situational awareness and general being. I was also either a prince in Egypt or spiritual walk along if u will, he also being a bit gentle but protected, and sought after by some curious of my/his quiet demeanor.
I recall coming to the embryo in this life and that I was on mission not comfortable w the way things are not caring at all for them in fact to the point of interfering with my mission until recently when I began to become more in command of being and recalling more my mission to cease aristocracy and all syndicates forevermore. I’ve been haunted this life, mostly as a child with dreams, visions and knowings of looming chaos and devastation and that I must be ready for this war and in being so it can be averted. 
This whole entire playing out as the multitudes experiencing all finite aspects of existence of being, separation, desires for self and committing all the damage we can do, shows me that we are just in the infancy of being on our way to purifying this integration of the finite along w the infinite we have discovered since inception of consciousness. All this so that we may finally All consciously cement into our foundation of where never to go again in order to soar on the Infinite aspects of existence forevermore. 
Being male, identifying w selfish constructs having manifested constructs of finite values including a hierarchy n centralized control of humans is a karmic payload to manage. Bring Female has its karma to deal w too, but we shall all Be so Beautiful when we sort it all through and become clear from all of those energetics. 
I am trying to amass teams of app coders to execute on this vision I have of wielding our public concerns from the palms of our hands. News streams, police, taxes as we currently know them to be, mayor n council, house n senate, parliament, shall all be concepts of our dark past infancy of being, unconsciously overpopulating just another planetary resource, animals farmed in fearful obedience to a nationalism and global bloody conquest. 
Please allow me to close by noting that although I would like to read more, i hardly read a thing, but i will make an effort to read through your blog without any of these long comments or with even none at all. You have great abilities to write well and to positively influence. Thank You form the Light! Thank you for your Being Light!


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