Recalling Past Lives

Recalling Past Lives

Recalling past lives can help to piece together who you are now- how and why.

This can help one to get to “know” and remember themselves better, and thus calibrate themselves accordingly to their best benefit.
I personally channel past lives in many things I do- when I used to compete in boxing, when I dance, sing, write, etc. I go into further detail in the whole video which is 27 min long, about my personal past life regressions and visions here on earth, in the galaxy, and in the future.

Some shy away from connecting with past versions of themselves, perhaps in fear of darker embodiments of self in the past, afraid it may influence the present- but personally I feel there is nothing to fear. Especially if it is an aspect of self. Ignoring it will do nothing but give it permission to weave it’s way into other areas of our lives and conduct from a place of unconscious. Any darkness is simply just an absence of light- and truly we are all expressions of the same source, so in shining light to these shadows, we can better adjust ourselves with the information acquired- as truly; light is simply just awareness and information.
Plus, I am here on earth to experiment and explore what it is to be a hue-man temporarily taking form on a mass of miracle out in space.

For my personal past life regression experiences and how you can tap into your past lives~ Watch my video below <3


Many blessings of love and light to you~~

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