Formula of Flow

Formula of Flow
The less you rush
The more things can align for you
Beyond your immediate ability
Organizing themselves in perfected position, so that you don’t have to overextend to effort them
Force is a frequency, and it often creates an illusory attachment towards unnecessary variables, and distraction towards what is truly meant to be
Know— that as you have addressed and amplified your intention,
The momentum has been activated
Trust— that all is divinely being taken care of
Take action— when and where it feels right to do so
Remaining in response to that which you are pulsing with passion for
This energy of allowance, materializes as the accurate steps that lead you to where you are meant to go,
Calibrating you to the direction and timeline in which is best for your highest evolution
It is all written,
Without detail
And eternally,
Everything is working out best case scenario
Remember, to Recognize
And So It Is

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