Light Is Strengthened by Darkness

Light Is Strengthened by Darkness

Darkness should never be feared,

For that is what it feeds on


Trust, faith, unity, presence, personal power, awareness and love is what dismantles it


The shadows clarify Light, and in holding a frequency of unwavering knowing in the fact that the Light inevitably wins, one can undergo any extremity of darkness— and succeed to make it out into the Light.


Doing so, increases and amplifies your ability to channel and maintain higher frequencies of Light into your body as an anchoring conduit.


Information is Light, and in simply bringing awareness to the darkness, the transmutation process naturally begins.


This current phase of evolution is equally both an unveiling, and an increase of Light on Earth and the galaxy. Therefore it is necessary to experience both dynamics in order to unify them whole.


As more projected programming continues to reveal and you are required to face and bring awareness to enlighten the darkness— infuse yourself first, with the strength of Light.

As divinely planned we are here to strip the illusions within the collective, and as you do so— simultaneously look inward to identify where similar themes or energies acknowledged, may be lurking within you. This is shadow work.


It is not even that it belongs to you, because it doesn’t— yet knowing that we have been encoded with certain aspects of darkness through conditioning, intentional programming and ancestral/past life experiences, in order to transmute and invoke more light to that which has been hidden— allows you to move through it without being affected by it further.


Recalibrate, Rewrite, and Replace


Darkness cannot survive pure loving presence, and to activate love regardless of what has happened or may still be attempting— is the mastery of our current human kind.

Thank you for cocreating this current Legend with us

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