Your offerings and emissions can only be as powerful, as you are.


There is a major responsibility that comes with offering services of assistance to others.

Yes, with an open heart and pure intentions anyone can be helpful and is of extreme value— yet for those positioning themselves in permanent places of any ideal, identity, authority, and influence, it is EXTRA important and necessary to be aligned within when and while doing so.


It is vital that you are in integrity, doing the work to see yourself at all angles and actively integrate the shadow aspects of you, so that you do not unknowingly project, get distracted, or allow your shadows to disturb the purity and clarity of your channel.


Regular and routine inner spiritual hygiene keeps your energy clean and your medicine potent.


Some do not mean to or even know that they are sharing impure or distorted energy, because at the core their intentions are divine.

Yet they themselves have parts to integrate, which creates imbalances in the frequencies of the messages and help they share and offer.


This is why they say “don’t fill a cup until your cup is full.” It’s actually necessary that you are complete yourself before actively extending help, otherwise it won’t fully hit right.

When trying to overflow unto others from merky waters that are drying out, it spreads the bacterias of what should have been cleaned out prior.


And of course everything serves purpose and as we experience, we learn and evolve and it’s also helpful to share fragmented phases while they transpire— yet there’s a stronger frequency that reflects and remains, when it’s all integrated.


Plus there is great reward that comes to those who intentionally do the inner work, humble themselves, and take time to reveal deeper truth from within. And all whom they help thereafter, also benefit from this.


First ask when offering yourself— “am I good to my most accessible extent?” The answer will reveal once you listen, and an intuitive guidance as to what steps to take next; will naturally adjust you forward. Sometimes it’s before, sometimes after, and sometimes it’s just the reminder that initiates us into our own alignment. And so it is.

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