FUN is a contagious frequency, that liberates all who come into contact with it.

This weekend we went out on a sacred mission to have as much fun and be as playful as possible.

The first pics here started out the journey— which consisted of lots of dynamic events and new vibes to integrate. We made friends with almost every stranger we met, had dance sessions with security guards, intentionally-induced laugh attacks at dinner, a surprise red carpet walk and show off, soul-stretching invitations to do taboo things in public, sang and danced all morning to reggae, and lots of other spur of the moment activities.

As I’ve entered this fun phase of my life where I am prioritizing ceremonial celebration and exploring new ways of experience, I’ve of course gotten some comments from confused randoms who are just recently tuning in to my channels projecting that I’m “unconscious” because I’ve gone out dancing or am being silly and having fun in my own ways.

Yet, that elitist mindstate of illusory preservation and protection of “being too good for less-conscious people and their places or things” is a toxic parasite of the mind that only restricts and inhibits your soul from fully developing, and discovering the divine in all.

I spent many years in solitude, meditation, and in my own portal of isolated healing (never had a drinking or partying phase growing up, nor will I) yet find that the balance of integrating what I cultivated in those tranquil phases, has been helpful and added another layer to assist my current and ongoing phases of evolution.

And it’s another level of fun to now experience some of the more human and matrix scenes and situations, from the consciousness I’m currently at— and to intentionally do so in my own authentic frequency.

We are all called to embody and experience different phases, stages, styles, and trials as we evolve and develop further into who we are, and are meant to be. As we do so, we act as conduits and reminders of alternative light, to all those we come in to contact and connect with. It’s contagious, and loves on everyone’s heart— gently inviting them to join along. I hope you’re healing, and having fun♥️
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