Medicinal Love

Medicinal Love

We heal faster when we are in the frequency of love. We create, share, and manifest more abundantly— when we are immersed in LOVE.

As I’ve been personally healing my broken jaw and chin, I notice every time I am in conversation with, connection to, or just settling in loving feelings— I heal faster. My whole energy shifts, I can feel my bones make progress and bind together even stronger. A quantum healing taking place. The deep cut on my chin that split the bone underneath it.. looks like a scratch now, just a few days later. It repairs and heals— when I am happy and relaxed.

And yes of course we “feel good” when we are happy and in love because endorphins release and your cells awaken (even just as you smile.)
Yet, that does not go away.

Our bodies become familiar with the high frequencies of love as we feel them, and as we continue to get acquainted to the vibration of love— we rise. A new normal, a positive permanency, an advanced level; is accessed.
Our inner beings begin to resonate at a higher consciousness altogether, and our energetic signature enhances. Thus thinking, feeling, and doing better things, we subconsciously choose more aligned actions from this space. In honor of who we truly are.

Love takes over, and it is always the cure. Love has the ability to adapt and take form in many ways to provide its medicine, and the healing is contagious.

If you want to heal, if you want to be inspired, if you want to change, create, or upgrade— feel love. Open your heart and feel into what that looks like for you, and know that you truly can tune into the frequency of LOVE, at any moment. It’s instant.
And pls, let go and let in what is necessary in order for your entire life to reflect your own authentic frequency of love, and may you be supported abundantly with care, connection, kindness, creativity and freedom of expression! And so it is.


My transformation/accident/upgrade story:


We are always getting exactly what we need. And sometimes it’s hardship, loss or tragedy. Yet the pain and pressure of grief— leads you to love deeper than you ever have before.

I passed out, and had a huge awakening last week. Broke two bones in my jaw, split my chin open to the bone, and cracked some teeth in the back of my mouth. Within living an exceptionally active and explorative life, it’s actually my biggest hit yet. I am humbled and praying, yet clarified and grateful. Admiring and cherishing everything more deeply.

This was a major pattern interruption for me and although it’s extremely unideal.. perhaps nothing else could have gotten me to stop.

This last year has been extra challenging, expansive, transformative, and somewhat uncomfortable. Lots of changes and transitions in my home life, family situations, personal relationships, and I feel like I have been in a survival mode since my last accident and wake up call (motorcycle crash in Bali) almost two years ago. I needed a pattern interruption to break me free from feeling like I need to scramble to support myself in case I was ever alone and in crisis again, and to reset my nervous system. Really, this may have been the only way I’d fully give myself permission for it.

I was about to come out hot with a bunch of new videos, music and content too— yet now I am invited to rest. To regenerate and restore, and replenish myself on all levels and further increase my personal potency and frequency.

Rising to a higher perspective, I wrap wings around my human and give her a hug. I look around and see where I’m at, what I’ve created, those I’ve helped and inspired, those who now surround me— and I realize, I did it. I am loved and full of love, alive and full of life to give, I have nothing else to be although I am excited to keep evolving, and now.. I must enjoy it. Bask in the beauty of what I have already done, who I am right now, and honor it fully.
Allowing for what’s to come— to cultivate even more potently from this space. Of presence, full admiration, acceptance, healing, harmony, support, and celebration.

May we always remember how precious every moment is. LOVE. And so it is♥️

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