It’s happening now

It’s happening now

A new wave of consciousness is awakening, and we are here to usher it in.

It is an opening of our hearts to allow more love to live inside of us, an expansion of our consciousness and ability to cocreate with reality, an honoring of our purpose and relationship with all life, and an answer to a sacred calling that has guided us for eternity.

This emergence is like a celestial dance that carries through the consciousness of all— shapeshifting to awaken and grant clarity in different ways.

It ignites countless souls to remember who they are and to claim their power, sweeping away the veils of separation to reveal the inherent unity that binds us together in harmony.

This light whispers a universal truth: we are not isolated beings without meaning, but integral and important aspects of a cosmic symphony— each note essential in the heavenly harmony of divine creation.

At the heart of this awakening resides a recognition. A deep remembrance that we are all interconnected and woven together by a luminous thread of divine energy that activates us all.

If you have been a part of this path for sometime, you too are awakening to a higher consciousness, in a new way. A deeper integration and recalibration of all the wisdom and magic that you have acquired, and ability to utilize it. Larger perspectives and space to create with even more unconditional love.

If you have been on this path then you are also meant to help guide those just beginning. Listen to where you are guided.

Together, may we honor and celebrate this extraordinary time of spiritual evolution, as the new wave of consciousness unleashes its majestic presence upon us, awakening humanity to the boundless potential and freedom, of love and light.

And so it is✨
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