The Rights to Ascension

The Rights to Ascension

Clarifying the ‘Rights to Ascension’

Obstacles, chaos and ugly surprises are all a part of our personal evolution process- and due to lack of confirmation; these occurrences can sometimes be mistaken for falling off the path, back tracking, or failing. However. The actual fear of “not ascending” or not being in alignment blocks the heart and inhibits inner growth more than any external force or happening.

Throughout our journey; we are faced with periods in which we need to rest for extended amounts of time and temporarily go ‘offline’ from the outside world. This may manifest as necessary through a sychronistic accident, sudden sickness or ailment, or even just feeling lethargic and tired. Often our bodies need to rest- to literally not move, to come to a state of receptivity in order for our higher guidance to continue peeling back layers to reveal more of our truth to ourselves. 

Sometimes you will find yourself unable to complete your self-enrolled ritualistic practices and routines that attune you to a higher frequency, and that is ok. You are doing exactly what you should be, so drop the guilt or disappointment of self- now. 

Feelings of betrayal, resentment, anger, disappointment, sadness and pain are also purposed- to expand your heart more and gift you the ability to fully feel, which is a superpower. 

Sometimes even our psychic and intuitive abilities are temporarily put on pause or seem to be “cut off,” leaving us in the dark or having taken us down an undesired path. This- is also necessary in clearing old timelines in order to embark the new going forward. 

Trust. Trust. Trust. 

There is no personal ascension manual accustomed for each individual, and it looks quite different for each being. Honor where you are at and allow yourself to be there fully. Once we experience through these times- we are rebirthed into the abyss of infinite new possibilities, abundance, vitality and health. This is no hollow prophecy- it has been written in the stars for eons. Your higher Self has chosen this moment with intention, and the entire galaxy looks upon you in gratitude. You are supported. 

Sending cosmic streams of love and light~
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