Family Healing

Family Healing

A few years ago it was thought to be literally impossible (and dangerous) for me to have any type of relationship with my family, or to even communicate with them— specifically my mom. I also thought she was not alive.

Countless counselors, therapists, police officers, specialists, friends and family members all insisted I forever cut ties with my parents at multiple points in my life, and though times of separation and cord cutting were necessary for extended periods— my heart refused to give up.

Within the last two years, I have not only been able to reconnect in this lifetime with my mom (who had been doing her own “shadow work” and found her own connection to God) but my family has also individually all relocated from different places across the country, to somehow live within an hour of each other in the same state.

For the first time in my life, we are all able to see each other regularly and have even had multiple *enjoyable* holidays together.
A miracle I had never before experienced, as my parents got divorced when I was 2 and the only time I would see them together was momentarily when they were trading me and my sis off, and it almost always ended with one or both of them getting arrested😂

It’s legit the best case scenario now.

I truly know and believe that because I have been doing my own personal work to heal the programs and distortions passed down to me through lineages, and actively advance myself in all ways that I can— my family has also been called to heal.

While I chose to heal myself, they too— finally chose the same.

Major miracles have manifested here.
The source in which was originally my greatest trauma and pain, is now my core support system.

Seeds have blossomed into flower and transitioned to fertilize new harvests, pain pressed into compassion, resistance into forgiveness, past stories into strength.

I reside here and now on the other side, living a new life in result of the last few years of conscious healing and intentional creation. I am humbled and unexplainably grateful, inspired and dedicated to continuing this path, and authentically sharing it—
for those who come to meet me.

Thank you for meeting me here🤍
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