You always Return

You always Return

Regardless of how many times you fragment yourself and dissolve into other spaces, the memory cells of your divinity are always ready, willing and waiting to be accessed; and embodied within your being.

There is always another way, a higher possibility and timeline— for you and all involved to experience.

Activating this awareness, is the first step.
From there, you begin to breathe and perceive differently— an alternative gateway opens for you to channel more Light into any given situation and interaction.

These memory cells of divinity within you, are the building blocks of your future/highest/ascended version of yourself, and your physical light body.

Capabilities of God, the higher realms and your ascended Self, are intrinsically interwoven within your DNA.
Carrying the wisdom of all of your lifetimes, akashic records and the experiences to come.

You already have it inside of you, literally.
It is about accessing, remembering and actively attuning.

It is vitally important to take time and create space for yourself to evolve and upgrade these parts of you. Nothing else, is as important— truly.

For this will assist you in strengthening your intuition, spiritual sensitivity, and ability to act from these clear channels; as to influence and positively enhance everything else in result.

No matter what, you are always moving in the direction of your ascension. There are pit stops, pauses and wrong turns, yet all of them provide the necessary data collection, recharge, and recalibration to continue accurately advancing forward.

Focus on maintaining an open channel from your heart to your mind— keeping communication circulating from your soul to your brain through the vessel of your awareness, to translate through your body and aura.

There are many factors at work.
And many layers to this process, yet each time a brighter path is chosen— a level completes, and you advance to a new timeline with an upgraded avatar.

The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

Congratulations on refining, enlightening, upgrading and aligning.

We really out here; and it’s all a blessing🤍
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