We had just about 100 women fully naked bathing and baptizing themselves in the waters of a state that just tried to claim power of women’s choice over their own bodies.

(The Sacred Sisters Rewild Retreat October 2021)

Of course. As divinely aligned.. we were called and guided to anchor in a grid of light, love and liberation— upon these specific lands.

Some of these women have never even shown their bodies to their partners whom they are intimate with, and only change in the dark. Some refuse to look in the mirror. Some have felt their bodies were a sin, dirty, unworthy of loving, and meant to be kept hidden as if their sacred temple of life force creation and divine expression— is something to be ashamed of.

All of the old stories were dissolved and rewritten for each woman within this moment.

Together we set ourselves free and baptized ourselves with our own waters, and that of the land, held in love and celebration by our sisters.
Seen fully. Loved thoroughly.

We shed the layers of clothing and entrapment we have chosen and accepted to wear; any past versions and aspects of ourselves ready to be purified— we cleansed.

And if you find that you are at all offended or triggered by this comfortability and freedom through nudity— I’d gently ask you to consider your perception towards a naked human body.
Perhaps you are perceiving from the distortion that bodies in their natural state are only meant to be utilized for intimacy through some form of penetration, and are only objects to demonstrate sexual acts.
When in fact bodies are sacred temples, masterpieces of art in which house our souls and emanate the spirit that resides within us all.
They are a gift and a luxury and should be honored and celebrated for their multi-dimensionality and epic form of manifestation.

This here: was an act of sacred sisterhood.
All of us, able to see and experience each other fully raw— to be loved unconditionally and without judgement or illusory separation.

Dismantling the false entrapment and enslavement of our bodies; physically, lawfully, and energetically— for lifetimes.

This portal lives legend within us all eternally.
Whatever your role, thank you for being a part of this Light mission. LOVE

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