Sister Codes

Sister Codes

SISTER CODES of the Sacred Sisters🌹

Sisters support each other’s unique sensual expression rather than competing or comparing

Sacred Sisterhood is choosing to do the inner work when jealously or envy arises- not reflecting it back to your sister through a broken mirror
Sisterhood is reminding your sister that she is safe to reveal herself, but she doesn’t need to give herself away

Sisters support each other’s external dreams, but remind each other that they are already perfect, and her true gift is within

Sisters hold deep + infinite space for each other, while also knowing and honoring each other’s boundaries
Sisterhood is seeing her fully empowered and free of her bondages, while holding her hand as she unties them

Sisters don’t require a certain amount of time or attention spent on eachother- but instead honor each other’s natural flow

Sisterhood is having each other’s backs regardless of if she’s guilty, yet calling out her miss-steppings and holding her responsible

Sisters remind each other of their power and talent and celebrate all success as genuine as their own~

Sisterhood is being a compassionate witness to her sharing, without projecting or trying to fix her

Sisters shine their light on eachother when it’s darkest and brightest- knowing the fire only rises from the love

Sisters encourage each other’s unique form and expression of creation

Sisters sit on their own thrones~ side by side, anchoring in the truth of what pure bonded connection is

Sacred Sisterhood is the key to reversing many imbalances temporarily tweaked within the societal system.
Plus it is such a pure, genuine, innocent and loving and supportive relationship to cultivate and share💛✨

What does Sisterhood or being a Sister, mean to you?💫

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being a Sister is basically the Art of staying true to my Gut, and not the doubt frequency that Ego opposes my true flow with. healing the divine feminine by daring to stay true to my momentary inner calling, and therefor embodying my divine inner spirit through deep Trust. The frequency of Oneness is healing my masculine energy through retraining mycompositionofself to transparently align with the Will of the One Heart, allowing what just is, alchemizing duality by always shifting into the perception of Oneness, playing the ascension game <3♀


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