The Reminder

The Reminder

It’s actually good to have days where you feel off. Days where you feel like bleh, or like shit, maybe annoyed and irritated at everything, or just over it all.
Sometimes it’s dramatic and dark like “what tf for” and you question why you’re even here… It's normal. In fact it’s even necessary.

Those are the breaking points.
The clarifiers of resonance, so that an awareness of what’s ready to be released, can arise.
Those moments grant alternative perspectives and a pattern interruption, that allows you to reevaluate what you do and do not choose to continue in the future.
Ending old patterns to break through to your fresh reality and new resonant direction.
Making room for light and alignment.
Where things fall apart, so you can come back together.
Where you forget who you are, so you can truly remember.

So it kinda can, and maybe even should be a bit uncomfortable at times because you’re transforming.

Your old skins are shedding, your heart is expanding, toxic programs are dissolving, your dna is upgrading, and your soul is awakening.

Do not underestimate the extent of the evolution occurring.
It is magical; and yet casual.
So enjoy♥️
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